Consciousness through embodiment. Sensing- Consciousness in spiritual-systemic constellation work

Autopoietic constellation work according to Siegfried Essen / 23. – 26.02.2023 with Eva Nagl-Pölzer and Ilse Lang in SCHLOSS GOLDEGG


++ATTENTION++ CHANGE OF DATE!! This seminar has to be postponed for organizational reasons.

NEW DATE: 03.-05.11.2023


In constellation work, awareness takes place through active, physical comprehension. The complexity of a concern often cannot be grasped with linear thinking. This is achieved with another complex system, namely the body. Externalizing and embodying are the means of using the body as a medium and tool for awareness and presence.

In this workshop we deal with the basic concepts of spiritual-systemic constellation work, such as the ego-self-embodiment. We work in alternation of theoretical inputs, exercises and constellations of personal and social (collective) aspects. The difference between embodiment and scenic play can be experienced. This workshop is a training in sensing-consciousness and does not replace therapeutic work.

More information: What is sensing- awareness? Decisive for the autopoietic constellation work are the development of the sensing -consciousness of everyone, the gradual confidence in one's own physical understanding, the ability to resonate and the empowerment of the individual in the whole. This applies to everyone, the excluded and the enclosed parts of the system, the spectators, the representatives and the leadership. Everyone finds his/her place, his/her function for the whole. It is essential that this process can be carried out through embodying and trial acting. Each developmental step of an individual in a constellation is created by the empowerment of the individual.

Autopoietic constellation work assumes that each representative is fully competent to intuitively perceive their own place and their own effect within the system.


Eva Nagl-Pölzer is a coach, consultant and trainer with a wealth of experience and knowledge. With spiritual-systemic constellation and embodiment work, she is fascinated by the wisdom of the body, which is expressed in the sensing consciousness. Since 2021, she has headed a constellation salon for social and economic policy concerns. Her way of working has deepened through dealing with transitions in hospice work.  Eva wants to contribute to the development of individuals and a good life for all with the spiritual-systemic constellation work.   


Ilse Lang has been accompanying the conscious development of people in their personality, of managers in their effectiveness and of teams in their cooperation as a coach in business for twenty years. For her spiritual-systemic constellation and embodiment work is the most helpful method of our time for them to grasp the complexity of a challenge in the interaction of topics and forces. Ilse trusts out of many constellations the surprises that arise from the field of tension between ones own wishes, resistances, fears, obstacles, contradictions, longings,... as possibilities.